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Gutter Repair In Colorado Springs

A lot of people think when they move to south central Colorado they will never have to do some Saturday
chores they really disliked ever again. Our generally dry weather seems like it would not require certain
things on a house, like gutters. I mean, you have to have a lot of rain to need guttering, right?
Wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. We might not get regular rains in the summer, but when
we do, you will know what the term gully washer really means. Colorado thunderstorms that roll off our
mountains or follow the jet stream over the high plateaus can come up quick and be intense. Water
runoff from winter weather can be considerable as well. You really do need gutters Colorado Springs
relies on that are durable, can take our weather, and protect your home and business investment.
Due to our weather, gutters on homes not only need cleaned regularly, they often need repairs. Gutters
are installed with a variety of methods. If done DYI they often are nailed into the fascia through ferrules.
Those generally aluminum nails hold moisture and cause wood rot eventually and honestly, are not very
strong. Clips under the shingles allow air and debris to gather. Sometimes it is just simply a wicked storm
with too much force and the gutters leak, or worse, a section rips off. Those are all times when a
reputable company that does
gutter repair Colorado Springs trusts should be called.
If you are looking to add gutters or replace them on your home or business, keep several things in mind.
Not all materials are equal on guttering, nor weights and types of materials. You need what works best in
your location. While you might get away with PVC guttering on the plains, in the mountains durability and
strength to deal with winter snow, falling branches, and large amount of tree debris may be an issue and
metal is a must. The pitch of your roof and roofing materials make a difference too. Even fire has to be
considered. Metal gutters take a lot more heat and do not become a roof fire hazard like PVC in a forest
fire. A good gutter company in Colorado Springs, Colorado will know these variables and make a
recommendation for you that is safest and best for your home or property.
One thing many people do not think about is their runoff and downspouts. If you own a business,
especially, you have to be forever watchful for any situation that creates liability for your business. Runoff
water from rain or melting snow can cause slip hazards around your business. This is especially a problem
in spring in Colorado when we freeze and thaw, leaving icy areas. Proper guttering can help prevent a lot
of these problems. A good gutter company will study where your runoff heads once it is off the roof and
determine where the best path is for it to go. Sometimes a French drain or other percolation system is
necessary when you gutter, especially for a large roof surface. This helps provide a basin system for better
dispersion of the runoff water.
It is also important where the water ends up, especially in commercial applications. Runoff does carry
particulates, dirt, dust, biological waste and other things off your roof. It is necessary to make sure if the
water runs onto your property that a means of filtration, usually natural in the form of a retention pond,

etc. is available. A reliable gutter company in Colorado Springs will be able to assess your situation and
make recommendations that are best for your business or home.